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Benefits of Emu Oil


I just received my first order from Pro-Emu today. It was immediately obvious that the product was of a much higher quality than my previous supplier. I will be purchasing all my emu oil from you in the future.

Frank W. | Indianapolis, IN

Good product! Other Emu Oil brands I have purchased have had a rancid smell where Pro Emu's Emu oil was virtually odorless.

J. Stafford | Brentwood, CA

Thank you for all your help, I love the products that your company sells. We have had great success in using those products on our clients. Your customer service is the best that I have seen in a long time. I can see that we will be doing lots of business with you and your company. Thanks.

Victoria Moore | Danville, CA

I received my emu oil last week, and promptly began using it. My skin glows and feels great. I don't know if my fine lines have diminished. but it does give the illusion of such. After toweling dying my hair, I pulled through a drop of the emu oil. My curls have never looked better!! Many thanks for a fine product.

Paula Lesniewski | Western Springs, IL

Love your products. I'm a 57 year old man and your oil works like magic. Thank You!

Terry Tiedeman | Chandler, AZ

Dear Pro Emu, Thanks to you and Ume’ I wont be running out of the Ume’ Serum. Since I began using this marvelous concoction, I can hardly believe how supple and soft it leaves my skin; and I can assure you that you have not only a satisified but a loyal customer as well. Thank goodness for Progressive Emu! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! May your company have continued success and blessings.

Sue | Birmingham, AL